About Us


Hey there, I'm Faz, your average Indo-Aussie with an unwavering love for football. Growing up in the vibrant streets of Jakarta, I was immersed in the beautiful game from an early age.

Picture this: the 90s, a time of pure football magic. It was during those years that my family, with their unwavering devotion to soccer (or football, if you prefer), instilled in me a deep-rooted passion for the sport. Also it helped that we had free-to-air Serie A and Premiere League on telly every weekend. 

In those nostalgic days, football was a different beast altogether. It was a simpler era, untouched by the intricacies of the modern game. No false 9s, no inverted wing backs, no half spaces, and no xGs. Not that I'm discrediting the present era; it's just a distinct shift in football dynamics.

Now, here's where things get exciting. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have a global network of jersey collectors. Together, we have meticulously handpicked a collection of authentic jerseys that will undoubtedly leave football enthusiasts in awe.

What's more, this exhilarating assortment of jerseys is making its way to Melbourne, where the football culture thrives. But hold on, we're not limiting ourselves to one city. We're shipping these treasures worldwide, spreading the love for the game to every corner of the globe.

So, brace yourself for a thrilling journey through football history, as we bring you a curated selection of jerseys that will ignite your passion and transport you to a bygone era. Get ready, because the game is about to change.


We also welcome you to come to our little shop at 14 Butler Rd, Altona North if you want to check out our jerseys in the flesh (By appointment only)